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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

Newbie question -installed my very first nuc a little over 6 weeks ago and everything appears to have been going fine until today.

When I was out of town this morning, my wife called in a frazzle to let me know that our bees were swarming. She was reading in the hammock and saw a "whirlwind of bees" fly up, away, and then come back to a tree near the hive.

I rushed home and everything seems normal for a sunny day - from my inspections, it doesn't appear as if there's any more or less in the hive and the tree where they had gone appears to only have a bee or two buzzing around. Nothing unusual.

Did my last hive inspection about 10 days back and everything seemed to be in order.

Have been doing inspections every 10-14 days, and everything to my untrained experience appears to be going well (good brood growing
I installed a 5 frame nuc into an 8 frame box, with a second 8 frame super on top with 6 frames and one feeder.

Last check (10ish days back), they were starting to build onto the above super.

Today, they're still building in the upper deck, but there's still lots of empty space on frames where they're building, let alone a few empty frames still.

The location is well protected and hasn't been subject to any weird environmental conditions.
Any thoughts on what this might be?

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More experienced folks will comment, but here’s my $0.02...

You would likely have noticed swarm cells being constructed for a couple of weeks prior to the swarm. Also, you would notice a significant decrease in your hive population after the swarm.

When you got back into the hive after the swarm, did you see the remnants of swarm cells? They will usually remain in place for quite a while after the swarm leaves. Also, is the hive queenright now? If you marked your old queen, and she is still in there, you know they haven’t swarmed.

I’ve had a hive swarm out, just to realize the queen didn’t come with them, and then a few minutes later, go back into the hive. No idea why.
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