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Swarmed Hive- When does it recover?

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One of my hives swarmed, I caught the swarm and they are doing pretty well. However, in the hive the swarm originated from, it's been a week and I haven't seen any egg laying. I'm not completely panicked because I don't see 3 eggs per cell drone laying behavior so I'm thinking the virgin queen hasn't developed enough yet to lay. Am I off the mark on this and need to get a queen/frame of early brood or should I give it another week?
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You may be fine, but keep an eye on things. I had a hive swarm and I thought they were still doing ok. The queen must have died, the bees died out and the wax moths went to work. I can only check on the hives over the weekend, and from 1 week to the next, things got much worse. I shook out the last few bee's, cleaned up the wax moth webs and froze the frames.
The hive left without a queen can take some time to get a new laying queen. Hives often swarm when the cells are capped. So it is still as much as 8 days before a virgin even emerges. It will then take her a week to two weeks to get mated and still she will be on the slow side in laying.

I prefer Micheal Palmers answer. keep nucs ready to replace swarmed queens. Of course I also had a nuc try and abscond yesterday. So you have to get adequate at managing nucs. I got lucky and managed to catch the bees. but it was pure luck.
give it a couple of more weeks. one of my nucs swarmed about 2 days after I brought it home and stuck a second box on it. This was on or about June 20th when they swarmed I was 100% positive the queen did not return or I damaged a queen cell so on July 6th I have them a frame of brood from another hive, I checked to see if cells were getting ready to hatch on july 17 and found 4 frames of brood and an awesome looking queen. That being said it won't hurt to give them a frame of eggs/young larva and check back in 3-4 days to see if they have started drawing cells, if not they have a queen and she's just not laying yet and if so, you are one week closer to getting a queen.
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