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Swarmed but no Qcells (2nd year beek, 1st swarm)...

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One of my hives swarmed yesterday while I was at work (neighbor saw it). They were gone before I got home. Upon inspection, I saw no supersedure or swarm cells, larvae or eggs, and VERY few capped brood. Granted, I hadn't dug through the brood boxes lately, but wouldnt there be evidence of Qcells of SOME kind since they just swarmed? Thanks.
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maybe they absconded, have you checked your mite loads? Sometimes they just leave, or maybe this is an after-swarm from the first. Could they have a virgin in the hive waiting to get mated? Are there any bees left or did ALL of them leave??
My observation hive obsconded the other day because of Small Hive beetles, I couldent see any sign of them on the comb, but when I opened it up there were tons of beetles and beetle lava in every tiny crack.
No, actually I haven't checked for mites in a month or more.
About half the bees are left, but what I found puzzling was that if half the hive swarmed I would think I would see evidence of some queen cells of some sort.
I didnt see any blatent evidence of SHBs, but will look tomorrow.
I had a hive swarm this year with no queen cells. I just inspected them two days prior, no mites. I think a lot of times swarms happen without queen cells.

It was my carnolions that did this, then the same hive swarmed again two weeks after making a new queen. This 2nd swarm screwed themself as they were not successful making a new queen.

Genearly I would give them a frame of eggs/brood from another hive once a week for three weeks, or unless I see queen cells. However, I just combined this hive with another swarm I captured two weeks ago.
If the bottom corners of your frames aren't fully drawn out, they can tuck a cell up in the cavity that can be easily missed if not looking good.
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