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rut roh. can you put out an extra hive body with something to attract them down? drawn comb.. LGO.. lemon pledge.. melted propolis.. get those ladies back!

good luck
That sucks.
Break out the shotgun with 00 buck and cut that limb in two.
Good luck!
It was a sweet little hive from a swarm last year that I left on that table partly out of laziness and partly because of skunks. It boomed, so I just let it be.

By the time I went and got a box and returned they'd moved on from the tree and I couldn't find them.

It's just way too early for swarming this year.
apparently they disagree. luckily they are strong enough to do it so the rest will rebuild their numbers
I hate being the worst beekeeper on the block...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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