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Swarm Traps Working

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I had several hive set ups thatI wasn't using so I set them with bottom board, a deep and a super on the ground and not in a tree. They are located about 1 acre away from my other hives.I used swarm commander 2 days ago and now I have 2 active new hives. They possibly came from my other hives that were started with nucs 5 weeks ago.I will check tomorrow to see if I have marked queens and then I will know they are probably from my original hives (about 13 of them).My question is if there is a queen in each of these 2 swarm trapped hives can I simply leave them as I have no area to replace or relocate them and all plant materials are in bloom. I will have to check my other hives to see if they have swarmed but I doubt it as they are new and have plenty of room.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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