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Swarm Traps How long before you hive them?

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I have Two 5 frame deep swarm traps with old drawn comb in them. Yesterday I noticed a lot of activity in these Two boxes that have been in my yard for the past Month with no interest shown by the bees

If a swarm moves into these boxes how long do you let them sit before hiving them?

Do I wait until the queen starts laying and then move them into a full size box or try hiving them right away?

This will be my first capture if they aren't just robbing the old comb

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You will know they have moved in when you see them carrying pollen back. I have left most of my caught swarms in the traps for a couple weeks or more. My traps have one bait comb and the rest foundationless frames, so I've not been in any real rush. If you move them right away, probably a good idea to donate a frame of open brood.
I'd let them settle for a couple days if they fit ok in a 5 frame trap, which is on the small side for a decent size swarm.
I forgot about giving them a frame of brood to help keep them settled
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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