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Swarm Trap?

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I heard a story from my aunt Elaine. My dad started beekeeping at age 8. When he was about 12 or so he recruited his younger sister to help catch some bees. I think she was around 6-7 and apparently trusted her older brother. There were 2 swarms hanging from something or other in their neighborhood so dad asked her to stand under one swarm while he went to get the other. He gave her a paper grocery sack with honey smeared on the inside and told her to "stand still and don't worry if the bees land on you, I'll be right back" "they won't sting you"

So she stood there, and in a few minuets the bees flew down and landed on her, and marched into the sack. :ROFLMAO:

We do all kinds of research on the best size, shape and location for swarm traps.........
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Good story for sure, thanks for sharing.
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