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I ordered a swarm trap from a local Amish guy that everyone around here goes to. He builds his swarm traps weird. They are the same size as a 5 frame medium nuc. The bottom is has a long slit 1in. wide that is screened over. The outer cover has a 5 or 6 pitch and is mounted flush to the back and hinged at the top/back/ high side, yet telescopes over the other 3 sides. The corners are all Rabbet joints. and there is NO entrance or handles. He said that he uses a pitched roof so that raccoons do not sit on top of them? He doesn't put in the entrances because every bee keeper around that uses them, uses a different type of entry. And he did give me 2 cleated handles & 4 screws so that I can mount them where I want them once I decide what type/ location of entrance I'll use and how I am going to mount them. He also gave me a piece of 1/4in luan sheeting that is cut so that it will lay over the frames, to prevent burr comb? Total cost $22.oo w/o frames.
So here is the question....... Entrance? Any suggestions?
Raccoons? Really? First Skunks now Raccoons?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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