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For those who could use it. A few dollars can be saved making entrance "spinning" discs out of plastic corrugated sheets. The kind that advertise beverages for sale at gas stations and grocery stores. They are about 1/8-3/16 inches thick. I modeled mine after the yellow ones from Dadant. I couldn't find just the right and inexpensive material to make these out of until this year. I also use this same corrugated plastic in my screened bottoms during Winter and mite counts.

Cut a preferred sized circle(6"-7" diameter) out of the corrugated plastic. I used a strong scissors or aviation snips to cut it out. Then cut a hole(use a hole saw bit) off of center to the size desired for an open entrance(mine are 1" cut holes) and opposite that use a small diameter drill bit to make vent holes in the closed portion of the disc. Position it on the box to make sure the vent holes area and 1" hole that you drilled "match up" over the entrance of the box itself when spun/pivoted. I suggest spinning the disc around to make sure everything matches correctly before screwing down. Use a 3/4" screw(thickness of hive body wall) in the center of the disc to attach the disc to your entrance of the swarm trap. My suggestion it to make sure it is screwed in tight enough to not leave a space for bees to escape when closed but loose enough that will allow you to spin it without trouble.
Saving $3-$5 for each of these really adds up when you have many traps to make. juzzer
(I don't do the setting with the "slits", just to open and closed settings.)
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