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Swarm Trap and Bait Hive

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Tropicaly yours !,

Here the season is building up, so I make new bait hives

My traps are made from pallet scrap wood (old and well seasonned). There is no treatment on the CE® marked pallets they are just steamed and I am not afraid, my traps work very well.

the good link *on the skectchup repository

you'll need 6 boards of 120 x ~10cm 30 self-drilling screws, a screwdriver, a jigsaw (or other) a plywood sheet (roof and bottom); a bell Ø 45 mm and about one hour per trap.

Attention ! The boards are not all time 10 cm wide , my batch was 9.5 for most of the boards, you have to adjust the length of the trap's small side according to the beespace you ant to kee for the frame heads.
with 4 boards high I make ~33 liters traps and with 5 around 43L. So if you want avoid africanised bees prefer mores space ~40 liters (5 boards)

I build them with a frame in my other hand to be sure that i make no dimensionnal mistake.

For those who want to read more about bait hives in french but Google chrome will translate easilly.

same bait hive Warré sized

Just adapt to your frames size an do some maths to get min 5 frames and 35 to 45L volume.
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Very nice. I’m jealous of your bamboo too!
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