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Swarm removal paid in sugar

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Got a call from a local supermarket about a swarm in a tree in their parking lot. I told the manager I didn't charge for swarm removals. When I arrived, they had blocked off the area around the tree with shopping carts and colored plastic crime scene type tape. ;)

The swarm was no bigger than a softball. After I trimmed the branch and hived the swarm, I went to talk to the manager while waiting for the scouts to join the hive. She noted the swarm seemed small, and I told her I would have to feed them to really get them going. She asked what they ate and I said sugar. She gave me 150lbs of sugar to feed her bees:)
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Wow quite a score.
Should have said they eat lobster! :D
"Did I say 'Sugar'? I'm sorry....I meant to say Filet Mignon"
"Bless her pea picking heart" Tennisee Ernie Ford.
It was HEB. I might have gotten away with beer (since these are Texas bees), but she would have balked at filets;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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