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Swarm Re-claimed

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There are about 200 colonies 50 yards from this bush. Swarms in this yard tend to get a bit large....

here is what it looks like just a bit down the hill from the swarm.
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Nice, looks like a double deep swarm, I'd have plenty of traps out, free bees.
That is a big swarm! Cool pics.
Nice sized swarm for sure. Question.... what are those boxes on the perimeter of the bee yard? Swarm traps?
If not, I would have about a dozen or so scattered about the hillside.
@Mr. BeemanThose are the nucs that didn't fare so well on the trip from florida to Pennsylvania, I set them to the side for a week or so and recheck them, they normally bounce back very well and get sold.
What the heck? They landed within an arm's length of the ground? My last swarm landed 40 feet off the ground in the top of a Ponderosa pine tree. Nothing like hauling a modified vacuum cleaner up 40 feet and vacuuming them all up! :eek:

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