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I’m starting my second year of beekeeping. I went into the winter with two hives. It’s looking as if both hives will make it. :) One hive is very strong, the other hive is a little weaker. My question concerns the stronger hive.

I did a quick inspection yesterday and the bees appear to be occupying frames 2,3,4, and 5 in both the top and bottom hive bodies. Most of the “unused” frames are loaded with honey/syrup from last year. The hive has almost no pollen stored in it so I am feeding patties, which they are taking. I’m concerned about swarm prevention.

I don’t think reversing the hive bodies would do much because of the current arrangement of the brood nest. I also don't have any drawn deep frames to use in checkerboarding (one of this years goals is to produce extra drawn deep frames). I am wondering if it would make sense to wait for a good warm day, and then take all the frames with bees and put them into the bottom hive body, arranging the frames with the most brood in the center. Then put all the frames with honey/syrup to the sides of the boxes and any empty frames of comb (not much) in the center of the top hive body.

Is this too radical or wacky an idea?
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