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Swarm Prep?

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I have a hive that may be about to swarm. We are just now getting Daffodils and Maple blooms and they have already filled three boxes with brood. I pulled one frame from the third (top) box and It had two empty queen cups on the bottom of it. I reversed boxes the weekend before last which means they have brood in every box. I pulled that comb because I saw the queen scoot away and I put it my nuc that has a virgin queen and still no eggs after a month.

-Will the nuc make another queen if they already have one and she is not mated?
-I am thinking about taking a whole box off the big hive and putting it on a package I installed last weekend.
-Do you think I have till the weekend or should I do some checker brooding like tomorrow? Is my only option splitting if they are so big this early? I should have at least tipped the boxes back to see if they had any more queen cells on the bottom but I didn't think to do it.

Thanks for the advice
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Seems much too early for swarming if you only have daffodils and maples blooming. Seeing empty queen cell cups is not an indication of imminent swarming, they are usually in the hive all year long. When you start seeing jelly in cups with new light wax built on the cups, then its time to pay attention.
Okay jmgo, I won't fret. I guess I never had a hive grow this fast, this early, It's a good problem.
I'm not in NY, but I agree, it seems really early for swarming in New York...
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