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Here's an updated on my hive situation. I was able to get back into my hive yesterday and found tons of swarm cells throughout the brood nest. I also found many bars with nothing but capped drone cells and further in to the nest I found just worker cells. I decided to do a split right there so I found the queen and moved her and a few bars of worker brood with pollen and honey and a couple bars of honey although it was not capped. I removed the couple of swarm cells on the comb the queen was on and brushed a couple of bars of bees into the new hive to help out. I am making a batch of 1:1 sugar water right now to help out the new hive until they get their work force going. Does all this sound ok? Should I have moved more drone into the new hive and what about all the drone left in the old hive? It seems like an awful lot I would say maybe 50% after I removed the worker brood to the new hive.
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