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We're having a lot of trouble with swarms this year, even swarming in cool weather with little sun. Although we've reduced most of the hives to a single queen cell now having hived the primary swarm in a new box, I was surprised to see another caste today from a moderately strong stock, and then an hour or so later, a very small swarm in the grass about two feet in front of another hive.
We don't clip queens and I'm pretty sure the stock had a virgin or queen cells, so why are the bees on the ground rather than in the bushes or on a tree? I put a cardboard box over them with a comb in it and will rehive it tonight.

Having increased our 'stock' from four hives to eight or nine stocks in various nukes and hive bodies, when is the safest time to reunite them? (Using the newspaper method). I'm working on the theory that with newly mated queens they shouldn't swarm again this season, but will a newly mated stock united with a queen-right stock tend to start swarming again? Should I remove the old queen first in each case?
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