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Swarm News: Swarm of nearly 40000 bees in California send 5 to Hospital with Stings

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Someone sent me this link, knowing that I'm trying to lure a swarm of my own.
Anyone know more about this? WAs it 40,000 or Much more? They describe it as a block long swarm... sounds like many more.
Africanized? Or were they just swatting at them? 5 doesn't really sound like a lot of people being stung by such a Massive swarm of Africanized bees.
I personally have no experience with Africanized bees but have spoken to a few guys that do swarm removals. On guy said He doesn't even Keep any "wild" swarms he removes as he doesn't know if they're Africanized or not. But the other guy says he keeps all swarms and if a swarm is Africanized, he figures they're also quite diluted now (in Florida anyway) and are not much different or not much more aggressive than other aggressive European hives he's had in the past. If they are aggressive he said he just requeens them.
Would LOVE to hear some comments
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Whoa dude, so like I was just standing there throwing this rock into the air, when like, all of a sudden, all these bees started flying at me and I got stung. It like really hurt so I figured they must be, you know, those killer bees I keep reading about.

Ok, enough of that. But really, the most stings anyone received was 17 and all five "injured" people had to be taken to the hospital? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
I watched Kirsten Traynor take at least that many while working a queenless hive before she put on her beesuit and finished the job.
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