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Swarm lure and wasps

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Interesting observation.
I have had three empty hives out in my yard awaiting my nucs from supplier. I put swarm lure in one hive because ya never know. Now with warm weather the wasps have been everywhere looking to setup camp. I opened the hives today and the two without lure were infested with new nests and the one with lure was completely empty. Wasps scared or deterred by the lure??
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Lemon grass oil or Swarm Commander? Have both and want to try this on other things such as bird houses.

BTW thought I replied to this before, must have hit preview instead of post.
I used the lure in brown envelope from Mann lake. Switched it into one of the other hives to see if it was coincidence or not. Rainy yesterday. We will see what today brings.
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Wasps had taken over the one empty hive body I have that has not seen any swarm lure. They did not go back into the hive body that had the lure in it originally nor the one I switched the lure to. It is pretty clear to me that they are repelled by it.
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