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swarm in a 6 inch shallow

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Hi guys, I work out of town alot. About a month and a half ago my wife told me that a swarm had moved into a 6 inch shallow i had sitting outside with a lid on it, they found a way in on the bottom. Well now I am home and I need some advice on the best way to get them into a deep box. Thanks for any and all suggestions. Mike
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Oh that’s cool! Free bees!

Assuming plastic foundation: Transfer them into a deep with drawn comb (or even foundation and treat it like a swarm) and leave it in the same location. Make sure you put an excluder under the box so the queen doesn’t decide to leave until she starts laying. Save the drawn shallow for later and use it as a super.

There are several other options. If they are on wax foundation, you could cut out the frames and rubber band them into a deep frame. Sorta like a cut-out capture.

Another option is put a brood box on top and pull a couple short frames up to get them using it, then later remove the snort box once they are heavy in the deep box. May have to cut a bit of burr comb from the bottom of the short frames, but it basically keep what they have going in tact and the queen may be none the wiser.
Place a deep on top and run it as a 1 1/2.
Place a deep on top and run it as a 1 1/2.
Actually I agree. Way easier...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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