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INstalled a new package early April, feed until end of the month, added a deep 3rd week of April. Top box had 5 new undrawn frames on right side. Bottom box was all drawn comb in good condition.

When I did an inspection on 5/23, noticed that most of the activity was on the left 4 frames on the top box, and left 6 frames on the bottom box. Almost looked like were ignoring the right side of the hive. But there was still lots of space in the bottom box and 4 of the new frames still undrawn. I not recall seeing queen cells.

On 6/2 the hive swarmed.

Inspection on 6/3 reveled 4 capped queen cells, 2 uncapped queen cells with larva. Activity has progressed 2 more frames to the right.

Did my placement of the undrawn frames cause this swarm? The box was not bursting with bees, except that they all congregated on the left side.

Is it possible that they built the queen cells between 5/23 and 6/2, or did I just miss them?

Any ideas? Thanks.

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I'll try. Is the left side of the box the warm side, as in is that the side that gets the most sun? If so, putting all the new frames on the right did not help them.

It only takes 5 days to go from just hatched larva to capped queen cell. You gave them 10 days to do it.

I had a nuc swarm that had the entire 5 frame lower box full of drawn comb. They stayed up top, got crowded, and hit the trees. It happens.
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