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Swarm from a split off nuc?

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I made 5 splits a couple weeks ago. Three were made on Thursday 4/10 and taken to a fellow beeks house a few miles away. I made each nuc with 3 frames of bees and capped brood, then 2 frames of pollen and honey. There was a swarm at his place on Thursday and one yesterday. I checked the 3 nucs yesterday and one of them is very short on bees and had a queen cell that had hatched. Has anyone ever had a nuc that had just been split off a hive swarm, or abscond after 2 weeks? I'm going to say that if all the bees in the weak nuc were rounded up, there is only one frame of bees in it. It's too early for a queen to be laying in that nuc. Earliest date should be next Friday. If this were your nuc, would you add another frame of bees and capped brood and give it time for the queen to lay, or would you shake it out and start over?

The other 2 splits are very strong. One is in a 10 frame box and has 5 frames of bees. The other has 4 frames of bees and a laying queen. The one with the queen was made from my bees and 2 queen cells that the guy pulled from one of his hives.

Even though I did not find the queen in the 10 frame split, the bees are very calm and not roaring. I made it with queen cells from my hives and they she should have hatched by now but not be laying yet. I think the calm bees without roaring is a good sign she's in the hive. If bees have been queenless for 2 weeks and are now hopelessly queenless, wouldn't they bee loud and pissy? There are NO eggs in that hive so I know they don't have a laying worker in there.
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The answer to my question is a resounding YES! Bees in a split will swarm. The split that is in the 10 frame deep swarmed this morning around 10:00 am. I watched them come out of the hive. I followed them across the pasture and they clustered in a large burning pile that had trees piled up in it. Strange thing is that they clustered in two spots, about a foot apart. Two queens, two swarms, or a single queen divided swarm? I will find out the answer to that question as well. I put them in 2 separate boxes.

From 3 frames of bees and capped brood and maybe an extra shake of bees, I now have 3 nucs, each with 2 or more frames of bees. :D
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