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Swarm cells question

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Another question

We have a pre-spring time, after relatively great rains for this area.
Everything is blooming and this Saturday i saw a swarming cells in the button
of few external frames. Then i split the hive to a nuc putting the swarm cells frame in the nuc.

I think maybe one frame with swarm cells left in the original hive with the queen.
My question: After the split, if there is a queen with a swarm cells, do i have a chance to another swarm or the swarm instinct is relaxed when she has more space to develop to?

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If you split them radically enough (took enough out) they may decide not to swarm. I would open up the brood nest with some empty comb. I prefer to take the old queen out with the split so they are more in a state as if they have swarmed.
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