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swarm cell in 2 month old hive

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Hello Everyone-
I have a hive that I installed (package) on April 5th. It built up super fast. Two weeks ago there were 12(ish) frames 75% or better full. I noticed about 6 supercedure cells. There were a lot of eggs, larvae, capped brood, pollen, nectar etc. Last week there were 15 frames and at least 11 supercedure cells. Most were empty but not all. I added a super. This week.... 18 frames, 1 supercedure cell AND a big swarm cell. There were about 100 or so bees hanging out in the super but no comb had been draw out. What his going on? The queen I put in was kicking some serious butt so was confused by the supercedure cells. Now I am really confused. Do hives this young swarm or is this just a practice swarm cell. I haven't seen the queen in weeks but I know she is still around. There are perfectly laid fresh eggs eveywhere.


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Is your hive Russian or have Russian blood at all? They tend to do the supersedure cells all the time and tear them down prior to emergence and start again elsewhere. As for the swarm cell. When you put the honey super on, did you put an excluder on as well? If so that will act most times like a barrier to the girls and they won't go past it. First year hives and queen excluders don't get along. To get the girls up there it requires drawn comb when using an excluder. If you haven't got one on, just give them a bit of time and remove the swarm and supersedure cells.
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