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swarm but no queen?

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I will start off by saying this is my fist year with bees and have little to no experience with them. so about 3-4 weeks ago my grandma calls and says she has a swarm on her fence, i head over put it in a box and transport it to my hive. they seem to be doing good, and have started capping honey. Heres the thing I have yet to see the queen or see any brood. any ideas? should i have seen brood by now? what are my options buying a queen, getting some brood from my aunt.
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Sometimes a virgin queen is with the swarm and they take a while to get going. Have a look at the center of the cluster and see if any cells are polished, a sign that they are awaiting eggs. A couple of years ago the same thing happened to me, and after I had shook the supposedly queenless cluster in front of a hive I found a small patch of eggs in some polished cells in the middle frame. I have usually seen these cells at the top of the frame. If you see nothing go ahead and buy a queen.
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