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Swarm behavior?

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I came home from a game the morning of Saturday 5/4 around 11AM. I got out of the car and I could hear the bees like never before. I knew the population was up there and planned on adding a super that afternoon. It was like a loud "hmm" but no aggressiveness. I quickly threw the super on, knowing this wouldn't fix the issue if they were going to swarm, that decision had been made days ago. There was still arguably an overpopulation of bees in the upper deep brood box, that had been flipped just a few week prior. Anyway later that day their activity seemed to be normal again and since then I have not opened it up to check on it, but they seem to have about the same level of activity. What do you think happened? Should I get in there and look for a queen? The hive is still acting completely normal viewing from outside, no aggressiveness like a queenless hive.
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They could have been fanning to cool the inside of the hive or to evaporate water from nectar. I have not noticed any change in fanning prior to swarming.

Yes, I would do an inspection looking for queen cells or the beginning of congestion in the brood area.
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