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Swapping Nuc boxes for modifications

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I built 5 nuc boxes and now have them full of bees. The nuc hives have the bottom board nailed to the body of the hive. The problem I have is that entrance is too small for a entrance feeder and I need to fix this. I have a spare empty 5 frame nuc and was thinking I could move all 5 frames from each hive to the new un-used nuc and then modify the nucs one at a time by moving and modifying each hive. Musical chairs kind of thing. Am I ask for trouble here? I am thinking that if I do this all at once that as I move the frames from one hive to another that somehow the bees will find themselves in a hive still smelling of another queen and not be happy. Is this a concern?
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why not use one of these:

I used their wooden version for years before they discontinued it. I think I still have it in the basement somewhere. Not sure.

Of course I'm not set on boardman entrance feeders anyway. Never was a fan. It all comes down to what your mentor showed you and liked. Most people get hooked on equipment that way.

Anyway, if you are set on cutting up your nuc boxes and modifying them, your roundtable way of doing it will work just fine. The bees shouldn't be able to smell the old queen in there. Even if they do, the smell of their queen will over power the smell within a few hours.
Take some 1x4 material and build a rectangular box the size of your nucs. Place it on top of the nucs and put plastic baggie feeders with sugar water inside and slit with a razor blade. Put the cover on top of the new box. Voila -- you have feeders.
and if you want to go into the hive often, put a bottom on the box, and allow bee space under it with a big hole in it. you can remove without spilling too much.
You shouldn't have a problem swapping boxes but I question your motive - my experience with entrance feeders has been problematic. There have been good suggestions (in this thread) of alternative ways to feed them syrup.
I am about to make a split and use a nuc box. The 1x4 frame, sounds good. Do you put the baggie on top of the frames? Thanks Wes
I cut a 3 inch hole in the nuc top that fits a regular quart mason jar with holes. Save the cutout to replug the hole when not feeding. Easy to see when feed is gone and easy to refill.
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