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My name is Sena McLaughlin and I am a Junior at Hudson Falls High School in New York. I am enrolled in the Science Research program which is a three year program through which each student selects an area of interest and studies it in-depth, eventually designing a unique research question and pursuing its answer with the help of a mentor. My topic is on honey bees and varroa mites, specifically the effects of beekeeping management practices/environment on infestation rates in New York hives.

I have developed a survey with the help of, Pat Bono of NY Beewellness, that asks beekeepers about their different management practices and environment. Pat sent out my survey with her annual newsletter to beekeepers across New York. I was worried about getting enough responses and was wondering if you...would be willing to ...respond to my survey. The results of this survey, and the rest of my research, will hopefully help the beekeeping community as a whole by increasing the amount of available information to beekeepers. I have attached a link of my survey below.
Thank you for your time,
Sena McLaughlin
​​Survey - Google Forms
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