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So. I have an Apimaye hive. It comes with a division board for both the bottom and top deep.

I'm thinking, hey. I'm a northern beekeeper. I overwintered 3 of 4 hives. I should split 1 or 2 so that I'm can cover my loss and expand a bit. I mix it up and order 2 queens from 2 different suppliers. I figure I will set up the first nuc for the first queen show up and introduce her, then the second nuc for when second queen shows up and introduce her.

If I set up the first half of the hive, they accept the queen and get going as a nuc I'm wondering if the queen scent will cross over to the other half via the screened bottom board. I'm wondering that if I put in the second split and put in another queen for introduction they wont accept her because of the established queen scent from nuc 1.

Hoping I'm wrong? I'd like to use it as a split/support/overwinter double nucs hive.
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