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I am currently making my in house candy.

I will fill your candy boards for $1.25. I do not sell my wooden ware. Providing feed service only into your equipment.

I am making bee feed for my bees. If you have candy boards i can fill them for you. I do not sell wooden wares, just the feed alone into your boards.
It is
96% Sugar
2% Water
1% Protein Supplement
1% Canola Oil

Candy boards need dropped of at:
W. Fisher Bee Farm
6395 SR 103N BLD 21
Lewistown PA 17044
You will be notified once they are filled and ready for pickup. Cannot be made and picked up the same day due to cooling and drying times needed for setup.
I weigh the boards before and after filling, and the net weight is charged @ $1.25/lb

In the photos, my candy boards are 2" deep and can accommodate over 20lb of dry hardened feed.
Candy boards should be the same length and width as your honey supers, but only 1.5 to 2 inches tall, with a solid sheet of plywood on one of the open ends.
Candy is cooked at around 230 degrees, and protein is added at the end and poured directly to preserve as much digestive value as possible.

Call or email for more info
[email protected]
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