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My laying worker hive still have foraging bees flying, and my new split hive with new queen that has been released and is in the hive saw her today in a quick check.

So I would like to supplement the hive with the foragers from the laying worker hive to my new split. is this possible without loosing my new queen that I purchased and made a split from?

Can I move the new hive as they are not yet flying, to the location of my laying worker hive and then add foraging bees that way?

ANy help advise would be great... or do I just let my laying worker hive pass with its bees and not mess? My new split has two frames of capped brood, i hope there is enough bees/heat to keep them alive and hatch across the next week or so with the new queen. But adding the foragers from the old laying worker queenless hive would be nice, but I do not want that laying workers in the hive...

Any help??

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