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Supering 3 queen castles

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I have seen enough information where it is fairly safe to keep two-queen castles and super them through a queen excluder. How about 3, or even 4 queen castles. Is that a viable option, assuming all three queens were added at the same time and are in a similar stage of development. (3 sisters that just mated). Notice, i am not talking about separated castles in every directions. I am talking about castles that are separated vertically, but over the top the workers can communicate by crossing the excluder. I think it should work fine, but do share your experiences.
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According to a video i watched that Michael Palmer done, he states that you can use a queen excluder on a double nuc with no problems and put honey supers above, as long as you make sure that there is no way the queens can get from one side to the other. The workers don't pay no attention to each other and work right away at filling up the super. Going based upon that i'd say that using a 3 queen castle system would work also. But they wouldn't be getting very strong as they would be limited to how many frames were in their side of the castle. He did state in the video that the only problem with that would be that when it came time to remove the super, the bees wouldn't have any particular alliance to a queen and could all end up on one side of the nuc.
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