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supercedure or add new queen

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I have a very small, hive, it's just beginning, long story, but they had a queen last time I looked about a week ago. Today I found about 5 almost done queen cups. I have an extra queen I purchased for another hive then didn't need. Should I just get rid of the queen cups and install the mated and proven layer, or let them do it their way and use the queen in starting a nuc.
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Considering that they apparently didn't have a strong enough first queen that they are now superseding, it would stand unlikely that they could produce any queen that would be strong enough to take over and do the job right at this point. So if i were in your shoes with the extra queen available, I would indeed go through that hive with a fine tooth comb and make sure there wasn't another queen at all, NOR any queen cups at all. Give them the mated queen and let them release her. Doing that will get your hive back on it's feet faster then waiting for them to finish making a queen, etc.
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