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Here is the problem:

I have a top bar hive that is queenless and has gone laying worker.

I also have a new hive from a package that after 2 weeks, is queenless as there are no eggs -- however, there are 3 supercedure cells -- one is quite large. So, the queen had to lay at least of few eggs before she disappeared.

My solution:

I am going to make a Nuc by pulling the frame with the supercedure cells as well as a few frames with capped brood and some uncapped, as well as a frame of honey and pollen and place them in a nuc.

I am going to place the nuc where the top bar hive was and then shake out the top bar hive and let the bees fly home -- their new home is now the nuc. This will increase the population of the nuc.

My hope, is that they will populate the nuc and raise a queen on their own.

Anyone done this and what are the chances of this working?

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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