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I posted this in someone else s thread earlier. Sorry if it is a repeat for some of you. I have 2 new hives that I started on April 5th. Both hives seemed to start out fine. Hive #2 (as we call it) started out as the stronger. Now hive #1 has outpaced #2 by far. I added the second brood box last week to each (probably not necessary with hive #2) because hive #1 already had 7 frames full eggs, larvae, nectar, pollen, honey etc.. it looked text book perfect (in my newbee opinion). It also had one cell that looked like a supercedure cell. I had heard that sometimes they make practice cells so I didn't give it much thought due to the amount of brand new eggs. (seriously, this queen is a freak, there are not many empty cells in hive #1). So I went out today to inspect. Hive #2 is kind of limping along. Some capped brood, eggs etc.. Probably 5-6 frames occupied in the bottom, maybe 4 in the top. I didn't see the queen but there were new eggs so no worries. Just seems like a weak hive. (On a side note they didn't occupy the frames under the pollen patties in hive #2 and I had to remove them in hive #1. That is when Hive #1 took off and #2 just kind of stayed stagnant.) Here comes the part where I am utterly confused....... Hive #1 now has TWO supercedure cells (and before anybody asks, no they are not drone cells) but there are new eggs, capped brood, larvae in all stages EVERYWHERE. This queen seems to be doing an excellent job. It doesn't quite end there though. Neither supercedure cell is completely capped. In one it looked like they were pulling a larvae out and the other had a largish larvae surrounded by royal jelly. Any thoughts as to what is going on???


Hive #1- very strong. a lot of new eggs, larvae (all stages), capped brood, nectar, pollen, honey. probably about 13-14 frames fully occupied. Has 2 supercedure cells. why??? queen seems to be doing an excellent job?

Hive #2- meh.. not nearly as robust as hive #1. has the same as above just not nearly as much. Maybe 9 frames occupied. No supercedeure cells

Couldn't find the queen in either but that is not unusual. my queens aren't marked and once I put a frame back i don't like to pull it again.

I am not overly worried. Bees have been taking care of themselves for a pretty long time. I am just curious why there would be supercedure cells in a very strong hive but none in a seemingly much weaker hive.

i appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


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