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Super with brood

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I used the mighty mite treatment for varroa. Checked hive in one week-no brood and no queen. Super was about ready to harvest and to my surprise eggs,larvae, and capped brood. If you have used a mighty mite before you know how she got there.Getting close to dearth and will be feeding sugar soon. Any easy tips for me to get super clean and out. Also since this super has had eggs ,larva and capped brood can it be used as a super again to get honey for human consumption. Probably dumb question but need a mentor. This hive started out this year as a saskatraz nuc.
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Don't harvest from a frame while there is brood in the frame. Find the queen and get her moved down. Then put on a queen excluder. In 21 days the brood in the top will emerge. The super can be used again as a super and the honey is fit for human consumption. It's all in your head. If you can't get your brain over it, and some people can't, then mark the frames that have brood and use them for any supers you leave on over winter.

(If you're squeamish about eating something that was in a brood cell, just wait until you decide to start queen grafting :eek:)
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