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On April 21st I came home from work to find a HUGE swarm had moved into 2 hive bodies of drawn comb that was sitting on my garage porch. My first thought was to push them all into one deep hive body but I quickly realized that was unrealistic goal.
At dark I moved my new swarm 3 miles away to a secluded spot and let them set up shop. I monitored them weekly and 2 weeks ago I put a super on "just in case" they were as strong as I thought they might be. Today I checked and found the super 90% full, it was empty last Sunday. I put 2 more supers on today as we've had a bumper crop of white clover and it's still blooming full.

I thought this was a VERY rare swarm, to be this strong AND to just move into my equipment and already producing surplus honey.
I've no idea where they came from as I'm the only bee keeper for 4-5 miles as far as I know. My lottery ticket for the year I suppose. LOL

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