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Sundance bottom mount traps

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I played around with the plastic traps that fit to the front of the hive in years past, but was always not impressed. This year I thought that I would try the Sundance traps and bought three. BOY, what a difference! I collect more on one hive in one day than the plastic junk did all season. These are serious pieces of equipment and very well built. Definitely going to buy more next season. BTW, bought them from Bluesky.:thumbsup:
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Any impact on spring build-up of the colony?
First time with Sundance, and only using three traps, but from what I can see there doesn't appear to be an impact. I am following the instructions exactly as provided, i.e., leave trap in collection mode instead of flipping back and forth. They claim that it doesn't completely strip all the pollen - hard to tell. So far all colonies seem on par with neighbors without traps.
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