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Summ, Summ, Summ...

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.....Bienchen summ herum...

Just like the little German children's song, the bees were flying all around today. I drove by to have a look, but didn't want to bother them by getting too close. There were many out making circular flights, getting oriented to their new surroundings, I suppose. The package with the cluster inside last night was empty today. I'll move them now when I make my first check in a couple of days. Sunday is usually the day i mow there, but I think I'll pass this week. I don't want to stress them out anymore.

Best wishes,
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Ill have to try to find the tune for that song when i visit the apiaries in South Africa to see their operations this year. Apis mellifera Scutellata, responding to German songs who knows...
Thanks but i think its just gonna confuse em if its playing.. they keep saying Ich spreche kein Deutsch
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