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High all, just need some advice. Checked my hives today (one from a swarm I caught from my first hive and the other from a split from the first hive both done about two weeks ago). I found the queens but no eggs in any of the hives. The swarm queen is huge but not laying and the others are small, im guessing because rhere not laying. They came from swarm cells. My nectar flow is coming any day now. Should I leave them be or interfere? Sorry so long.
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Did you make the split with cells present already? I'd give it another two weeks for laying.
Yes, I made sure both hives had a couple cells. I also found a queen cell in one of the splits that I found a queen in, which is not crowded at all. It wss at the bottom like a swarm cell.
If you made the split with cells, I would assume 4-7 days to emergence, then another week to get mated and eggs to start soon after so you're approaching the cusp of seeing something, give it another week, and check then.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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