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sugar water

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I'm feeding my bees sugar water at a one to one ratio of sugar to water.. that is one part sugar to one part water. Just curious what is that "part"? how much sugar to i need to add to a gallon of water?
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Usually measured by weight. One pound of water to one pound of sugar. There are as many schools of thought as there are measuring devices In my opinion, from what I have read, in practice your bees will not going to care. One concern should be that as the syrup evaporates and "cures" to honey the amount of moisture given off into the hive.
Here is a helpful link.

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Sorry about that link, here is the one I wanted to post
Also, the search feature on this site will give you plenty of information to contemplate.
Thanks for posting this. I used to post the same
table a couple times a year but the originator's
site is down, moved, or gone. The New Zealand
beekeepers I think first posted these calculators.
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