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Sugar syrup ratios

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This may help some of you who are new to bee keeping:
2 to 1 means two parts dry granulated sugar to i part water by volume.
It does not have anything to do with the measuring device. You can use quarts or liters. or soup cans
Fill a 5 gallon bucket about half full of water and then add 25 pounds of sugar.
Remember that the thinner the sugar the slower the bees take it.
I prefer a heavy syrup most of the time because it does not spoil as fast as thinner solutions.
You may want to give them pollen substitute patties too.
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what do you mean spoil...well i know what spoil means but if you store your extra in the fridge are you okay or not? I imagine it may spoil in a feeder without refridgeration. How excatally can you tell or whats the time table?
Honey-B-Healthy helps to inhibit mold. But some of my syrup will ferment, especially if I stir in any of the protein supplements like Mega-Bee.

Randy Oliver gave me the best formula. 1 tsp of household bleach per gallon. It's not that much that you even notice it and within 24 hours, the bleach breaks down but still protects the syrup.

I had a hard time accepting the addition of bleach. All I could think about was the paranoia that we had as young parents that our toddlers would drink bleach.

Jackson, MO
wonder if it matters if i use reverse osmosis water....i happen to have a RO filter...what about refridgeration?
Spoil as in fermentation and and or moldy syryp.
Just mix up what the bees can consume and put the rest where it's cold.

We went over this earlier and the posings can be found using the search button.
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