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Got my 4 packages Saturday evening (new beek) and installed them Sunday afternoon. I used the method of setting the packages in the hive, no spritzing. No protective gear at all, and no stings, so I must have done something right. Had the hives all ready to go and everything in it's place. It took me about 10 minutes to install all 4 packages. I was extremely surprised when I pulled out the first syrup can and several hundreds bees fell out of the bottom of the can and started flying everywhere. Turns out it wasn't a syrup can, but some kind of hard sugar, no bottom on the can so the bees can get inside of it.
I do have to brag on my 9 year old grandaughter. She was right there next to me the whole time (full protection). Bees flying all over the place and she was totally relaxed the whole time and by time I got to the fourth package she was giving me advise on how to do things. After we were done she informed me that I owed her $20.00 for helping me.
Thanks to all of the experienced folks on the forum. I am sure I owe you more credit for the successful launch than I owe to myself.

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