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Successful division

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Thought I'd share this.

I have a super great hive ( minus the aggression). They build up early, winter excellent, and overfill two supers solid every year. Bittersweetly, due to life, I haven't been able to attend to them as a good beekeeper should and they swarmed.

I caught this fact too late to find and recapture the swarm, but I did catch it about two days before the swarm cells began to hatch. There were about 7 cells spread out onto 4 frames. I pulled each frame and put them in an individual box with an associated "helper" frame just to keep the numbers at a workable count.

The queens have hatched successfully and are reproducing like crazy. To me, this is the perfect time of year for this blessing-in-disguise to happen as the ragweed is at full peek now and there is plenty of resources for these new hives to build their numbers with.

So out of the chaos, I developed some outstanding queens. I did have one that I suspect may not have breed completely or somehow managed to mix with some feral bees. I say that because she's of Italian breed, but her color is mixed and not the solid orangy/tan tone Italian's come as.