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Strong hives but no honey????

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I have 7 healthy hives...lots of activity (one is a captured swarm doing very well). I went into four of them this morning to see what my honey crop was like and am so confused at this point. It is almost June and by now I usually have honey frames to pull from my supers. Three of the four hives I checked were loaded with bees and brood (the other one was the recent swarm I caught so I am not counting that one). But I could find very little honey in the hives. There were a few frames of uncapped nectar and the brood frames had some capped honey around the edges, but no stored honey. Nothing. The hives look healthy. I have a QE on two of those hives and one without. The ones with QE's have a super above with little activity, just some drawn comb. I know we have had a cooler and longer spring this year and I have read that the nectar flows may be late because of it. Is that what I am dealing with here in North Florida? I have been watching the hives for swarms but only saw a couple earlier in May. Have they been sneaking away without my knowing and taking all the honey? Any thoughts or suggestions?


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I don't know how your flow runs up there, but ours is starting to slow. If it has been as unseasonably dry up there as it has been down here, that could contribute to a slow flow also. I expected to pull at least 6 supers a couple of weeks ago, but only managed one, so we are a bit behind last year here, also. We finally got some rain today, which should pick things up a bit. Maybe you need some rain? Hopefully somebody closer to you will chime in.
im running into the same thing strong hives no honey dont no the reason
They must be eating it as fast as it comes in! :{??????
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