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Strange queen cell business

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I have seen some debate on whether workers move eggs to make a queen, the concensus being that they don't. This may raise some question...

I have a double deep nuc colony that has been queenless, tried to get them to raise a queen with donated eggs and failed twice, even after dumping all of bees away from hive to deal with laying worker.

Last weekend I did another dump and isolated the returning bees to the lower hive body with a sheet of newspaper. In the top hive body I added frames of eggs, larve, and bees from another colony in the hope that they would start a few queen cells before the groups combined through the paper.

What I found today was three queen cells below the newspaper. One was closed and seemed small compared to others I've had before. The other two were open with a big fat larvae in lots of royal jelly. There were still a few drone cells on those frames from the laying worker but there are no young larvae or eggs that I found so it looks like I got rid of the laying worker.

There should have been no fertilized eggs below the newspaper. So do workers move eggs? Do they ever make "queen cells" for the eggs of a laying worker? What kind of creature is going to emerge from these things? I am very curious so I will be watching for the next week to see what happens and for a while after that to see if someone starts laying worker eggs again...

Any thoughts?
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