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so one of my hives decided to try to swarm when we had the full nectar flow going on this year. they ended up filling several supers before hand. i eventually pulled the queen with a few frames into a split, and left them to make a new queen. she hatched and i seen her for a few weeks but she never got mated so hive tool test and i put the old queen back in. during this time obviously the bee population dwindled a lot and i guess that along with our rain every day/crazy high humidity the honey in the hive fermented. i pulled all the worst of it out a few weeks ago, extracted it and dumped it into my pond so the bees hopefully couldn't get back to it. tonight i extracted the rest. some frames had no visable fermentation but several had some bubbles. i tested the moisture once i got it all extracted and it's about 17.7%. Obviously the fermentation started way before this and now there are a lot of bees in the hive again they were finally able to dry it properly. It tastes good. I don't notice a sharp aftertaste like i did with the first batch i pulled. i don't want to waste what is left so what are my options. since the moisture content is where it is at should i leave it alone or heat to 160 f to kill the yeast? i've never heated my honey before but i've heard it ruins the flavor. is there any way to get rid of the bubbles that is in it where it is safe to bottle? for the record i don't want to sell this honey as i don't want to ruin my reputation, but i use a lot of honey, and think this would be great for bbq sauces, baking, etc. but i'd like to still use it for the good ole biscuits and pb and honey sammiches since it still has a nice flavor (right now). i've tried researching online what to do but it seems like i'm in the minority having a fairly low moisture content but fermented honey. please help!
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