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Strange cell

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I hived my first package 10 days ago. I accidentally released the queen on that same day. I think i can see larva but im not really sure. Today when i was in the hive i saw this strange cell. I can't imagine it would be a queen cell but i just dont know. Any ideas?

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You have your photo, displayed sideways - better if right-way-up. That is a queen cell cup, or young queen cell if it contains an egg or larva. Many of the cells around it have eggs in them.
Actually this is right side up. The hole is on the side. Why would they make a queen cell if the queen is laying eggs? Like i said this hive is only 10 days old.
Some bees keep queen cups on-hand all season long. Sometimes they tear them down and rebuild them someplace else. I guess they just like to be prepared. Now if there's a larva in the cell then they are getting serious about replacing their queen, but empties are not a big deal.


Curious that the queen cell cup is sideways, I've almost never seen them in that orientation.

What Rusty has said about queen cell cups.

I've even taken to going through a hive and carefully removing all traces of the queen cell cups, only to check again the next day and find that they were rebuilt precisely in their old spots, or rebuilt in new spots and old spots, etc.

Some colonies hardly ever produce them, and others seem to have a few on each comb, all season long.
When inspecting my lowest brood chamber, I noted a few very large larvae? Would these be queen larvae? Apparently they were in queen cells until I destroyed the cells?! And why would there be a 'few'? I am a newbie, obviously. thank you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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