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Strange bee poo

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Greetings. Hope everyone is doing well and your bees are flying! This morning as I was feeding the pigs I checked in on the hives as I do every morning and all was well. Later on I went to check on the pollen intake and noticed this around the resource hive. The long strands are bee poo and it looks like the Ultra Bee patties I'm feeding them. All the bees that you see are alive- barely. This morning the whole area was clean. Both sides have this and there is still actively at the entrances. The rest of the hives look good. Any ideas?


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Crab, What's the weather been like there? I suspect if the bees haven't been able to get out of the hive often, that they've been storing up the protein from the patties and these are maximum cleansing flights. My bees did this weird thing: it was warm in February and the bees brought in pollen steadily. Then we got a week of snow (3 feet of it) and the bees were inside. Nice weather for a few days and when I went to check there is bee poop everywhere. There was poop on the snow about 30 feet away from the hives. Inside everything looked good. So, I think its from the increased protein in their diet, which is hard on them when they can't get out often enough. So normal, as Crofter says.

@Crofter--Makes me think of those helicopters they use for forest fires with the long dangling hose.
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