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Storing Supers

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Does anyone store their supers or Frames of wax not being used in a box or storage container of somekind? I would like to start storing mine in something to keep the wax moths out but most of all the mud dobber bees. Not sure if a could idea to store in containers or not. Thoughts? Thanks :scratch:
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The past few yrs I have been storing them in a big trash bags. I do freeze them for a couple days to make sure no living moths are inside
I second freezing the frames. Its a great way to reduce bacteria.
Once frozen for a few days and then removed from the freezer, is it okay then to store them in a tightlly sealed tub??
Search BS regarding BT........
What the heck is BT or BS ? I may know what BS is but nit sire thats what you mean
I store my frames in the supers (in my pole barn) and stack on the sides so the frames are open to the air and light. Haven't had a problem yet.
Empty honey supers that don't have pollen in them generally are not bothered by wax moths. I just stack mine up in the bee yards and put covers on them and they are fine the next season with no damage.
I second Mr. Beeman's idea. Been storing mine this way with no problems. The secret is plenty of Air and Light. Dale
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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