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Storing Frames

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Spring clean up left me with four empty deeps and lots of supers with frames. How do you store your extras? Keep mice ants moths etc from your equipment?
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Currently I store mine on my back porch (covered) set up on their sides so fresh air and light can circulate thru all the boxes, up off the floor. Wax moths and shb hate fresh air and light.
At Home Depot they have some clear plastic tubs with snap latches on the lids that are just slightly longer than a Langstroth frame. It will hold the frames of two and a half medium supers or one deep and one medium. The tubs are made so the bottom of one nests into the top of the next so they are stackable. The clear plastic lets you see what is inside, and the snap latch lids keep pests out. There are also larger ones but I opted for the more manageable box. Take a frame with you to the store and you'll find something that works. They are not ideal for large scale beekeeping but for a backyard beek with six hives they work pretty good.

The picture is clickable link to Home Depot product page.

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I freeze mine for at least 48 hours before storing. I've used the commercial moth crystals but don't like using them, it takes a week or two to air the frames enough to get the smell out. I'm not sure how much of the chemical is absorbed by the wax, probably more than I care for. Frames from supers, with no brood cocoons or pollen for the moth larva or beetles to eat, might store well without using a chemical. Fresh air and light will definitely deter moths and beetles.
best way i found with brood boxes is to stack up to 10 high,seal between them with painters tape to keep them fairly air tight,and use 1 tablespoon of moth crystals ( para-Dichlorobenzene ) per super on top of frames in top super on a paper plate.Have a outer cover turned upside down for them to sit in on the bottom and another for the top.Works great and i only air them out for about 48 hours before using them,bees go right to work with no problems.Was putting them in xtra large contractor grade trash liners,which worked but was a real pain in the butt checking them or refilling the crystals.this way is much could also use a small pallet with castors for these to set on to be moved around if needed.
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